The beginning of the end of the bottle

We recently introduced the “sippy” cup to EC.  She definitely has the coordination to grab it and get it in her mouth but her first instinct was to chew on the spout.  It’s a nice rubbery spout great for her gums and teething! 

DSC02382 {What’s this thing mom?  No problem, I’m going in ….}


DSC02377 {Doesn’t look like a bottle, doesn’t feel like a bottle, doesn’t taste like a bottle ….}


DSC02375 {OMG, you filled this with beer!  Sweet!!}


Sally said...

NO, i can't believe she's using a sippy cup and i haven't seen her yet!

DeDe said...

I can't believe you gave that baby beer - she'll be playing beer pong in no time!!