Christmas Party 2011

Christmas Trio edited

This past weekend, we hosted our 2nd annual Christmas Party at our house.  We were lucky enough to have DeDe and Pro come this year to help with everything and we sure needed it!!  We did all of the food ourselves but decided to hire a bartender this year to ensure the most important part of the party was taken care of!  Actually, last year, everyone mobbed the kitchen since that was where the drink station was set up, so we decided to put the bar in the living room this year so that wouldn’t happen.  Having a bartender was a great success, although I think he contributed way too much with his attentiveness and heavy pours!

We also had a round of crabby beers (Club 43 liqueur with half and half on top), and those were a big hit!!

I love having the house decorated for Christmas, so I took a few pictures that I can look back at after we take down the decorations and everything is bare again.  Sad smile


DSC_0288stairs edited


mom and itrio laughing

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shawn said...

You guys look great!!