Ahoy Matey!

This year for Halloween, Emmy Cate was a cute pink sailor girl!  As is the usual trend, we loaded up on the golf cart to do a tour of our cul-de-sac and hit the haunted house on the corner.  It was pretty chilly that night, so we didn’t stay out long but Emmy Cate was excited to hit a few houses.  She doesn’t like candy all that much so after about 4 houses she had had her fill and wanted to just go and see all of the big kids’ costumes.  We got to play with neighborhood friends and attempted a visit to the haunted house but never made it in due to an accident that ended with a 911 call, an evacuation and ambulances descending on the neighborhood!!!

Emmy Cate had a blast and still likes to play “trick-or-treat” in her little playhouse out back.





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