Visit with Cousins

Mandy, Gary, Macy and Makayla were in town this weekend and Emmy Cate was through the roof excited to visit with them!  Emmy Cate also got to play with Haley and baby Noah, and Reagan and Riley, big girls who were sooooo cool because they were much older and wiser.  Of course when they first see each other, it takes a minute for them to warm up, but before long they were running around!  We tried to get an outdoor photo op, but they were quickly distracted by the play kitchen.


After that wore off, we were able to get 2 of the 3 of them to sit for the picture …


But even after EC’s urging “Macy sit here”, we just couldn’t get full cooperation, Macy wasn’t having it …


But we were able to coax some smiles with a few tickles!


After that, dinner, mainly consisting of corn on the cob for EC (the only vegetable she will eat), was a big hit, but not as good as the popsicles!!



DeDe said...

EC's hair is getting so long and curly - love it!! And what an adorable outfit she is wearing!!
Looks like they had great fun together.

Grandma (Pam) said...

"Three" beautiful little girls. It really makes a grandmaw smile to see them together enjoying each other.