Splash Park: A Friend’s Birthday

EC and I hit a friend from school’s birthday party at a Splash Park near the house.  We had a blast!!  After going to the pool last weekend, and then having splash day at school on Friday, the whole “play in the water” concept has really gained popularity around here!!

splash8splash5 splash6

On the left is the kind of picture you get when EC runs at full speed toward the camera!  Cozy Coupes are always a big hit, even with a splash park and massive playground nearby.  Especially if you can fit 2 kids in there.  


Cupcake time!  All of the kids were ready.  The blue icing was inhaled by each kid, 1/2 in their mouth, and 1/2 on cheeks, chin, noses, arms, legs, tummys, fingers ….


splash1splash2 .

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Dede said...

EC even got into the frosting - I am surprised. Looks like a good plan for next year!!!