The Pink Pig

Let me just say that I think we are all in agreement that I am overwhelmingly behind in posting!!  Work has been unbelievably busy but has resulted in great things, so I can’t complain too much.  So weeks ago ….

We ventured out to a famous Atlanta tradition, the Pink Pig at Macy’s at Lenox.  Emmy Cate had a great time, loved every minute of the ride, and SCREAMED when it was time to leave and she realized she wasn’t going to ride again!

pink pig

  DSC_0992 EC mommy pink pig

She was in a major saying “hello” phase at the time, so it was “Hello Pink Pig” over and over again! 

EC pointingEC waving


EC pig fun

EC waving wo Daddy


Dede said...

Love the new post!!

Sally said...

cute pictures of EC
Can't wait to hear what she says about the elf :-)

Grandma (Pam) said...

How excited she was. Looked like she had a blast. Thanks for update especially such a busy time and extra hours you've been working.