Mt. Pisgah Donuts with Santa

We visited Emmy Cate’s school a couple of weeks ago to have donuts with santa.  After her first performance with the famous Santa at Phipps, we figured we’d try another shot at getting a good picture.  Take 1 with Santa at Phipps:

santa cropped Unfortunately, the second try went over about as well as the first.  She just didn’t like the fat guy in red!


So I even tried joining her on Santa’s lap and she STILL was not having any of it!!

mom ec santa

So we gave up on getting a good shot and moved on to the other fun crafts and activities!  A nice clown made us her favorite {balloon} animal – a puppy! 



We had a good time, but her Papaw would have had an even better time – all they served were Krispy Kreme donuts and chocolate milk!  For 3 people without a sweet tooth, it was a lot of sugar!!

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DeDe said...

She wants no part of Santa, that is for sure!! Maybe she will like him next year. She likes her balloons though - so cute in her candy cane outfit!