18 Months

Emmy Cate had her 18 month check up yesterday and of course everything went splendidly!  She got 3 shots, cried for a sec then sat up and promptly told the nurse “bye bye”!  She wanted the bad lady with the needles to disappear!!  A quick rundown on her stats:

Height – 34.5” (>97%)

Weight – 25 lbs, 10 oz (50-75%)

Head circumference – 50-75% there too, don’t remember the exact number

What she is up to:

She wears 24 mos/2T clothes, size 6 shoes, size 5 diapers.  Her favorite foods are: cheese, eggs, hot dogs, rice cakes, ketchup (not really a food but in her mind it is!), chicken, cereal and yogurt.  Let it be documented that the only vegetable she will even touch is a potato and that’s not even very often!

Words: Wow, I mean can the girl talk!  It’s amazing how many words she has learned over the last 3 months.  She can probably say close to 100, which the doc said was well advanced and closer to a 2 year old vocabulary.  She can say many, many animals, all normal colors, all of her playmates names, plenty of body parts, most all articles of clothing, and plenty of forms of transportation.  She has starting putting words together like “all done” , “no more”, “bye bye ______ (insert every word under the sun)” etc.

Concepts: She understands hot/cold, on/off, up/down, and she knows the possessive of things like “mine” or “daddy’s shoes”, “mommy’s wa – wa” {and yes, that red grape juice is wa-wa, thank you very much}, etc. 

There’s really too much to even put down on in a single post.  Over the last couple of months, she has just been a complete ham and we have had the best time just soaking up every minute with her.

EC school pic {Her latest school pic … cheesy fake background and “proof” stamp and all!!!}


Grandma (Pam) said...

That's our BEAUTIFUL little Girl with such great statistics. That is such a cute picture of her. Thanks for the GREAT update.

Sally said...

Can't WAIT to see her thanksgiving and chitty chat with her! It will be about a year since i've seen her!

Anonymous said...

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