Birthday Party Circuit

Lately, we’ve hit birthday party after birthday party.  And in between, we have filled in with fun birthday-like activities such as indoor bouncehouses and playgrounds.  Here are random pics from what we’ve been up to:


Birthday party for a cute 4 year old friend of ours!  They had plenty of friends join them for a Halloween-themed party.  Emmy Cate loved the Dora the Explorer bouncehouse and slide and was not happy when all of the “big kids” got in and she had to leave to avoid the eventual constant head bumping that ensues when you get about 15 4-and-under little kids in a bouncehouse!!

EC nathan birthday partyDSC_0842

The next weekend, we went to a party for a 1 year old little friend who also had a bouncehouse!  It was a chilly weekend and we quickly headed inside to warm up after a few minutes bouncing.DSC_0924Since our previous day’s bouncing was cut short by the weather, we went to a new indoor playground that opened up called Catch Air and it was really fun!  Emmy Cate was not intimidated by anything and was not about to be contained to the 4 and under area.  Instead, she insisted on climbing on the main play structure with the big kids, which meant a lot of climbing and chasing by us!!  Whew, were we worn out at the end!!  She really loves slides and they did not disappoint!!  They had 4 different bouncehouses with slides, and the play structure had a long 20’ slide. 




EC ball pit


Dede said...

She's a wild child - and her Daddy too!!

Grandma (Pam) said...

WOW are those adorable pictures. Seems like daddy was having as much fun as Emmy was.