Chuck E Cheese

One night this week, we took Emmy Cate to something I knew and loved as a kid – Chuck E Cheese!  After going, I’m convinced that it hasn’t changed in the slightest (I had a flashback to begging my parents for more tokens so I could win tickets at skeeball to buy those plastic trolls with the neon hair!!)!!  The food is still bad, the games and “rides” are very entertaining, and the prizes you win are still terrible!!  But Emmy Cate loved it! 

There is a Chuck E Cheese just a few minutes away and I imagine this won’t be our last trip.  They have a toddler area with a slide and small climbing area which Emmy Cate was more than happy to play on, but she also just loved to run around and look at all of the different rides, games, flashing lights.  She wasn’t totally convinced by the “big rat” (as her dad called it), aka Chuck E Cheese when he came around to greet the kids.


DSC_0535  DSC_0521DSC_0529 


Here we are eating our pizza … would not recommend it!  For those of you who don’t know, Chuck E Cheese is free to go to and play, but you have to buy tokens to ride the rides or play the games, and those aren’t even that expensive – a quarter a ride – but it’s the food where they make their money.  Soooo not good.

DSC_0546  DSC_0556

This was too funny not to include.  We put Emmy Cate on the very first ride and turned it on.  Well, it’s one that takes a picture of you with Chuck E Cheese while you are riding.  I guess Emmy Cate wasn’t quite prepared for the motion …. see what you think!!



Anonymous said...

You'd be scared too if a rat four times as big as you came after you!!

DeDe said...

I agree with the comment above, that rat is not near as cute as the Easter Bunny!!

Sally said...

Her hair is getting long! Looks like she was having fun until the rat interfered - thank goodness daddy saved her!

Anonymous said...

Wow - she's cute no matter where she is and who's around (even a rat). I love the updates of her beautiful expressions. She is adorable........