Mt. Pisgah Harvest Party

On Friday, Emmy Cate’s class, the Grace classroom, had their “Harvest Party”, not to be confused with a Halloween Party since that isn’t a Christian holiday, but who’s counting?  Nevertheless, it was a Halloween Party and all of the kiddos dressed and and had lost of fun showing off their friends to their parents.

EC fluttered in as a pretty cute little butterfly fairy!  She looked adorable in her costume and actually was so distracted that she tolerated it pretty well and didn’t try to pull her headband or wings off until much later!!

 EC costume

All of the mommy’s brought food and drinks and there were plenty of activities for the little ones too.  Emmy Cate had a blast running around and “talking” to the other moms and kids.  She makes herself right at home with a crowd, not afraid to be the center of attention!  At one point, she took over another mom’s lap until their little guy decided he didn’t like that very much!!

EC center of attention

EC painting 

They had little pumpkins for the kids to paint.  After last weekend, EC was an old pro and painted her pumpkin purple!

EC two pumpkins

They also iced sugar cookies and gave the kids sprinkles and colored sugar to decorate them.  Emmy Cate was all about the decorating but didn’t want to have anything to do with eating the actual cookie!  Just like her parents she doesn’t like sweets!!

EC eating EC and Dede

At one point, we attempted to get the whole class to sit together and pose for a picture.  EC, Liam, Brandon, and Beau were all about it, but the rest of the class were NOT having any part of it!!  This was the best shot we could get!

group shot attempt kids at table

Pro and DeDe came for the weekend and were happy to be able to attend her party and see all of the kiddos run around together!EC and Pro and Dede


Sally said...

too cute!! I love the one where she's holding the paint brush. Did you make her costume?

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and extremely cute as a butterfly. The facial expressions you captured are ADORABLE. I love them. Thank you for keeping the blog updated for us so often.