Ringling Brothers


Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus were in town a couple of months ago and we decided to take Emmy Cate.  This was also my first time ever going to the circus (I’m not sure Cirque de Soleil counts). 


Emmy Cate refused to have her picture taken!  These were the only two shots I could get where she wasn’t blatantly covering her face!!

We saw tigers and elephants, ponies and horses.  The “little bitty horses” were Emmy Cate’s favorite animals.  The tigers were really scary but Emmy Cate and Nathan missed most of that show because Emmy Cate decided cotton candy was gross and wanted peanuts instead!  So they had to get the girl some peanuts!


Emmy Cate loved it and pretty much lasted through the whole show, although at the end she was just doing laps around the seats and wasn’t paying any attention.  I’m guessing it is the first but will not be the last time we hit up that event!! 

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