Harvest Party

Last week, EC’s class had their Harvest Party, not to be confused with a Halloween party since that doesn’t exactly fit with the Methodist ideals.  No biggie, but since I was in charge of planning most of it, this momma got it confused and really threw a Halloween party.  Oh well.


It went great though.  Almost all of the kids were there (16 of 17), and all but 2 kids had 1 or 2 parents representing.  The kids painted pumpkins, decorated foam pumpkins with craft shapes, ate snacks and cupcakes, dressed up like farmers, played outside, and each took home a favor and a balloon.  It was a great success and kids and parents had fun!  I won’t mention how I got in “trouble” for bringing PB&J sandwiches (allergies!) and balloons (choking hazard).  Oh well, can’t win them all!!


I made pumpkin shaped PB&J’s and pimiento cheese sandwiches and a pumpkin cheeseball for snacks!

      023    018

The kids had a blast dressing as farmers in plaid shirts and straw hats.  


Cute little party crackers for the kiddos with toys and candy inside!  Daddy’s comment “those kids aren’t going to be very impressed with a used toilet paper roll”!!


We had a fun party and I’m glad to have that under my belt for the rest of the school year!!  Next party to plan – our Christmas shindig!!

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DeDe said...

Loved the cheeseball pumpkin and the toilet paper rolls - who knew??