Stone Mountain

Since I never seem to be able to get my act together and post timely, I’m going to make this one short and sweet.  I’m about 3 behind …

A few weeks ago, Mamaw and Papaw came into town to visit and we decided a visit to Stone Mountain was in order to satisfy Papaw’s curiosity.  See, the last time he visited the park, the carving was only halway complete! 

We first took the gondola up to the top of the mountain (maybe next time we can hike, but with a 2 year old, fake knee, and fake hip, we decided to take the easy way out!).  I think this picture looks more like they are crossing the Sahara desert than a mountaintop!




After heading back down the mountain, we walked to take in more of the attractions and stopped to look at the carving depicting our good ole Confederate war heroes: Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.  Pictures don’t really capture it but it’s 400 feet off the ground and about 10 stories high by 20 stories wide!



We headed to eat lunch, pet animals and check out the kids activities.  Let’s just say we barely had time to see half of the stuff.  It is a pretty nice park for kids, even EC’s age.  They had a huge indoor playground bouncehouse area, a short 4D Yogi Bear movie, a petting zoo, the gondola ride, a boatride on the lake, and a train ride around the mountain.  But take my word for it – SKIP the train ride!!  It was very boring and long!  Emmy Cate did learn a cute rendition of “All Aboard”, yelling and cupping her hands on her mouth.  But DO NOT ride the train!! 

They also had stuff for adults and older kids like a ropes course and paddleboats and so on.  I’m sure this won’t be our last trip!




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Grandma (Pam) said...

Too bad you didn't get the shot of the goat trying to eat Emmy's shirt. It was a fun day.