Happy Easter!!

We had a pretty low key Easter this year, spending it just as a family of three.  We started the day off with church (nursery still for EC), then we came home so Emmy Cate could get her Easter basket.  Luckily, this kid isn’t much into sweets so it wasn’t a big deal when we had to take the candy away from her.



We headed to the club for Easter brunch and saw many of our friends … there were over 600 people there! 

ec brunch ec brunch 2

After lunch, we did what EC repeated the entire lunch, which was “go outside, sit in Bunny’s lap”.  She ran right up to him and jumped into his lap, but we couldn’t get any smiles!

ec bunny

The club had a mini petting zoo for the kids and it was a big hit with EC.  She got to pet sheep, goats, ponies, pigs, and even got to hold a bunny!!

 DSC_0138 ec donkey

    DSC_0150DSC_0159    fam

Happy Easter!!!



DeDe said...

So excited to get some pictures. Great one of you three, even though she isn't smiling!!

Grandma (Pam) said...

Thank You for great new pictures. They are all so cute. The one of all of you is so good. Can't wait to see you all this week-end.