Do Daddy Nana

… which translates into “Please sing the banana song with Daddy’s name inserted in it”.  And what is the banana song you may ask?  I don’t know what it’s really called but that’s what Emmy Cate calls it and it goes a little something like this:

“Daddy, Daddy, bo baddy, banana fana fo fatty, me my mo matty, Daddy!”

So can usually think up a bunch of friend’s and family member’s names to use, so the game gets repeated … “Do Mommy Nana” and on and on and on!

Her other favorite conversation to have goes as follows:

Something like a ball or toy will fall to the ground where she can’t see it and she’ll say:

“Where’d ball go?”

Then, holding up her arms with palms to the sky, she’ll say “I don’t know”

After searching for it and finding it, she says “Here it is.  I found it!” 

She thinks it’s a game and will drop things and repeat!

And because it wouldn’t be a post without pictures, here are a couple of things from school.  The first is a pic up on a bulletin board in the hall to display artwork.  I thought it was funny how big she was cheesin’!!


It’s Dr. Seuss week at school and they are having different dress up days (today is crazy hat day), but my favorite was “Mismatch Day”.  I thought EC fit the part!


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