A Post About Nothing

Because that’s really what we’ve been up to.  And I have no pictures to prove it!!!  Seriously, even the fun things we’ve done over the last month I have no pictures of them. 

Soooo … my solution was to pull the recent pics from my iPhone.  So here is a lot of randomness….

Sliding in the park on a nice day ….


This cracks me up … lounging watching TV with her patent shoes over her pjs!!!


Playing Nintendo with daddy!  And yes, that is the original Nintendo that was dug out of the basement and became Daddy’s toy for all of about 3 days until he beat the game.


And showing off her spanking new Elmo slippers that Daddy bought her!  Mommy doesn’t believe in wearing characters but Daddy couldn’t resist them.  Don’t they go well with her very clashing outfit?  I wish this wasn’t so blurry – love that little look on her face and her pose!!


We have some fun things ahead so I hope to capture some better pics! 


Grandma (Pam) said...

Love the pictures of our cute little granddaughter. She is something else. Really have missed her this week.

DeDe said...

Love these pics of randomness! Hope Daddy doesn't break her chair!! Miss you all.