Weekend at Home

We stayed around the house this weekend and Emmy Cate was more than happy to play with all of her toys and hang out.  She especially enjoyed playing with Play doh and coloring with crayons.  We also read many, many books, which has become one of her favorite activities. 


EC playdoh 1 EC playdoh 2


We received our CCS newsletter this weekend and both Nathan and Emmy Cate were featured.  I recently posted about our neighborhood 25th anniversary festival and Nathan winning first place in the race!  The organizers made a special T-shirt for EC so they asked for a picture of her to feature. 

ccs newsletter 

 JNC newsletter ECC newsletter


Sally said...

Always enjoy your posts - she is so adorable and smart. CONGRATS to Nathan on first place! Why does that not surprise me?!

DeDe said...

Great post - really enjoyed seeing the pics from the newsletter!! Nathan is a celebrity now at the club and EC should be the club mascot in her CCS shirt!!

prettyinprintnet said...

great job, nathan! i'm impressed! and emmy cate is just getting too big... we need to see you guys again soon. miss you!

Grandma (Pam) said...

Love it all - such an exciting family. Can't wait to see you all in a couple weeks and hear Emmy talk to us.