Sayonara Captain Childers

Nathan is home from his last drill this weekend!!  While his paperwork is not “officially” official, he should not have any further obligation until everything is processed and he is released for good!  We couldn’t be happier that he has served his country and now can live without any fear of deploying again.  Emmy Cate greeted him this afternoon with open arms.  Man is she tired of looking at Mommy’s face for 2 days straight!!




Welcome home Daddy!!!


Daf & Larry said...

We are so happy about that - we may have a glass of wine in Nathan's honor tonight!!

shawn said...

we will also have a drink... in nathan's honor, of course. thanks for your service, nathan! oh and i'm loving ec's bow!!

Sally said...

Yay - glad you're finished with duty! The uniform can now become a costume :-).