Happy Mother’s Day

Emmy Cate wanted to wish her Grandma and DeDe a Happy Mother’s Day so we taught her a special trick to show her grandmothers how much she loves them!!  Amazingly, we only started teaching her this morning and she caught on so quickly!  Now, what to teach her   next …..

We had a great Mother’s Day here!  Emmy Cate was such an angel!  Yesterday, we planted my pots outside that I have been excited to do.  I think they turned out great and can’t wait until they grow some and fill out so they don’t have that small, freshly planted look.  We planted 2 flanking our front door, and one lonely one out back.  I plan on getting more for the deck but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

           pot 1         pot 2

This afternoon, we took Emmy Cate to the Barefoot in the Park festival in Duluth.  We saw plenty of arts and crafts, performers, activities, and I even got to go to a wine tasting!  She even got me an awesome Mother’s Day present too, but I have to pick it out.  I will soon be the proud owner of an embroidery machine!  If anyone thought before that Emmy Cate loved monograms, well, then watch out, she will probably NEVER wear anything again without her name or initials!!  :)

       ec park 5     ec park 1

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Unknown said...

That video is sooo cute!!

DeDe said...

I love that kiss and have watched it over and over. I can't wait to get a real one and one of those hugs too!!