Happy Memorial Day!!

We had a full memorial day here and enjoyed having Daddy with us for 3 full days!!  Today, Emmy Cate and I got into our red, white, and blue and we all headed out to lunch at our favorite Mexican spot, El Porton.

EC memorial day 2  

After our yummy food, we headed to the mall to buy Daddy a new grill cover and Emmy Cate took her first carousel ride!  She really liked it and in true Emmy Cate fashion she was standing on top of the elephant by the end of the ride.  Sorry for bad pics – they were taken on my phone.

    EC carousel 1 EC carousel 2

After deciding that the pending thunderstorms were a little ways off, we headed to the Memorial Day celebration at the club pool.  They had plenty of fun things for the kiddos including a large blow up waterslide and moonbounces, etc.  Emmy Cate was too little for those things but we have lots to look forward to in the coming years!! 

She was busy waving at everyone (see pic on left below) and splashing around!  But mostly she wanted to “crabwalk” around on the concrete!  There were a million people there and so you think she would like to sit and watch all of the activity but no, she was super crazy and it took both Nathan and I chasing her around to keep control of her.  And this before she is walking and running around everywhere!  We definitely don’t have a shy child on our hands!!

pool wave pool splash


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Anonymous said...

Glad the rain stopped long enough for a little fun for you guys. Miss Emmy is as BEAUTIFUL as ever with that great smile. Love you all!