One Month Check-up

Emmy Cate is 5 weeks old today!  She had her one month doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor said she was doing great!  She weighed 9 pounds, 10 ounces, which they said was excellent weight gain!  She is in the 50-75 percentiles on both height and weight, so she is exactly where she needs to be!!  She is a trooper and was very well behaved for her appointment.  Both the nurse and doctor said she had a great demeanor.  We are a bit biased, but we certainly think so!!  Otherwise, she is changing everyday!  She is now taking an interest in toys, loves to gaze at faces, and is trying her hardest to smile at us.  We think it will only be another week or two before we start getting smiles, and then squeals and laughs are sure to follow.


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