Big Girl!

Two nights ago, Emmy Cate graduated from sleeping in her bassinet to her big girl room!!  She has been sleeping through the night now since she was 7 weeks so we figured it was about time to move her since she will be 12 weeks already this week!!  So far, she LOVES being in her room and her cozy crib!  She has kept her same nighttime routine which is bedtime between 9-10, wake up between 6-7 to eat, and back to sleep again until she finally gets up between 9-10 in the morning!!  She is a wonderful sleeper!!

Her grandparents didn't like the idea of her being upstairs all alone so they bought her a video monitor so mommy and daddy could watch over her!  Here is her slumbering in her crib and also a shot of what we see on the monitor.  It's pretty neat!

     IMG00147                            DSC02166

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