One Week Check-up

Emmy Cate had her first Doctor's appointment today for her one week check-up.  She went a little early because she was at high risk for jaundice.  Mom has O- blood and Emmy Cate got her daddy's A+ blood, which puts her at higher risk.  Also, she had lost about 9 oz in the hospital, so we needed to fatten her up and make sure she had gained.  On both accounts, the doctor said she was perfect!!  No risk of jaundice and she had put on 7 oz already, up to 7lb., 3oz, which was considered wonderful by her doctor.  We don't go back again for another month! 

Otherwise, things are going great.  At this point, she is just eating and sleeping all of the time, usually about 2-3 hours between feeding times.  She hardly cries or gets fussy, but when she does, unfortunately for dad's sanity, it is the middle of the night when she chooses to do so!!


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